Handcrafted Wire-Wrapped & Beaded Gemstone Jewelry
About 14-KT. Gold-Filled Wire.

Gold filled metal and wire is made from solid gold and filled with other alloys.  Gold filled jewelry wears like solid gold because the outer surface is solid gold.  The process of making gold filled jewelry is quite different from gold plated - there is 100 times more gold in a 14K gold filled piece than in the same piece gold plated.  14K gold filled wire, also referred to as rolled gold or 14/20, is created by permanently bonding a sheet of 14K gold to a core of semiprecious metal, usually brass, carefully controlling extreme heat and pressure for a precise length of time.  Laws regulate a substantial layer of gold surrounding the inner alloy.  Gold filled items are strong, durable and resistant to tarnish.  The gold will not wear off as in plated jewelry.  It is nearly impossible to tell a gold filled piece from the same piece in solid gold.  With reasonable care it will last a lifetime.